February 8, 2017
     It is with great honor for PENRO Cotabato visited by the new Regional Director of DENR-XII. PENRO Cotabato together with CENRO Matalam held a short program headed by the PENR Officer Mamutur D. Cariga and attended by employees from both offices. PENRO Cariga enthusiastically gave his warm welcome to the new Director and at the same time he presented the previous year accomplishment in the implementation of plans and programs of the agency. About 95% of the 2017 annual targets of PENRO Cotabato were accomplished, to include the National Greening Program (NGP) where the office achieved 100% of its target. In the midst of his presentation, PENRO Cariga showed the entire profile of North Cotabato including the elected political leaders, socio-cultural, societal and economic growth of the place.
     As part of the Program, OIC CENR Officer Larry Curias of CENRO Matalam proudly shared the 2017 Accomplishment Report within their area of operation. CENRO Matalam was best known as CENRO across the Region XII, especially in the implementation of the National Greening Program. Stakeholders from Barangay Pontevedra of Antipas, Cotabato was nominal as the most cooperative partner of the DENR in project implementation.
     Apart for being a new Regional Director of DENR-XII, RD Nilo B. Tamoria became Director for Operation of the National Anti-Environmental Crime Task Force of DENR, Deputy Head under Task Force-Sagip Kalikasan, Director IV under Special Concerns Office of DENR , Regional Executive Director of DENR Region 4A for four years. He became also the Director IV of the Office of the Secretary of DENR by virtue of Supreme Court Resolution / Decision dated June 17, 2015, Director under Legislative Affairs Office ng DENR in the year 2017. With more than 15 years of supervisory experience and 10 years in managing government program, RD Tamoria is a bright and talented leader who has the required government eligibility for third level. Along with comparable experience of working to the highest standards, he was also considered as an innovative team leader and motivator whose management style promotes the team’s personal development and productivity.
     In his message, he was happy to share four things to all PENRO Cotabato and CENRO Matalam employees. He first shared about “knowledge” as a valuable thing to lead an agency with order. Secondly, it was an “experience” of which was regarded as a great instructor to turn a good advocate in the implementation of government plans and programs. Because of experience, it was the best guide for the success of the work. Similarly, with most of government servants, he too had an unexpected dismissal, however, he was even optimistic. The third was the “openness of mind” and the “ability to serve others in the best interest”. And the fourth is trust in the current leadership of the DENR agency. The trust, support and concern of the DENR Secretary regarding its ability. He insisted in his final speech, the most important of all is the cooperation of each other for the success and the growth of the office. He hoped that everyone with their positive cooperation would make his leadership successful. He also emphasized the need to strengthen the CENR offices being the frontline of the DENR in providing services to the public. Field personnel will be equipped with the proper and appropriate trainings for them to become effective public servants and able to carry out the mandate and thrust of the DENR “RD Tamoria added. He further hopes that everything he has shared will inspire everyone.